Congratulations Ursula!

Ursula Minshall one of Dunham McCarthy’s Senior Estate Planners has completed the first part of her STEP Diploma for the Administration of Estates. After much hard work and determination we are proud to share her achievement of passing the exam (with flying colours).

STEP is designed to help advisers maintain and develop their skills and knowledge and helps to ensure our experts are fully competent when advising you with regards to your estate planning needs. Particular areas that the STEP qualification covers are:

  • Providing for an individual following their partner’s death, while protecting the interests of their children
  • Ensuring elderly or vulnerable relatives are cared for and supported
  • Helping families with interests spread across the world to be compliant with the laws and tax rules of different countries
  • Ensuring that a family business will pass safely from one generation to another
  • Helping clients to support charitable causes in an effective way